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Developer Marketing

Developer marketing is a type of marketing that targets software developers, programmers, and other technical professionals who are involved in creating software and applications.

Developer marketing aims to promote products, services, or platforms to this specific audience in a way that is relevant and useful to their work.

Developer marketing often involves creating content such as technical blogs, tutorials, and documentation that help developers to understand and use a particular product or service.

It may also involve organizing events such as hackathons, webinars, and meetups that allow developers to learn, network, and collaborate.

In addition, developer marketing may include advertising on technical platforms, such as GitHub or Stack Overflow, and engaging with developers on social media platforms like Twitter or Reddit.

This type of marketing is important because developers are often key decision-makers when it comes to selecting and recommending software tools and services within their organizations.

At Circuit, we build and scale developer-first content operations for tech companies. We help startups increase awareness, adoption and conversions amongst software engineers, developers and decision makers.