December 14th, 2022

Why Tech Companies are Embracing Open Source

Open sourcing software refers to making the source code of a software program freely available to the public, allowing anyone to use, modify, and distribute the software. While open sourcing software may seem counterintuitive for tech companies that rely on software as a source of revenue, there are actually a number of compelling reasons why tech companies should consider open sourcing their software.

1. Increased adoption

By open sourcing their software, tech companies can make it more widely available and increase adoption. This can be especially beneficial for companies that are trying to establish a new product or technology in the market.

2. Access to a wider talent pool

Open sourcing software can attract top talent from a wider pool of developers, as many developers are attracted to companies that use open source technologies and are more likely to apply for jobs at these companies.

3. Improved security

Open sourcing software allows anyone to review and audit the code, which can help identify and fix security issues more quickly. This can improve the overall security of the software and increase user trust.

4. Enhanced collaboration

Open sourcing software promotes collaboration and encourages developers to work together to solve problems and improve the software. This can lead to a more efficient and effective development process, as well as a better end product.

5. Increased credibility

By open sourcing their software, tech companies can demonstrate their commitment to transparency and collaboration, which can improve their credibility and reputation in the tech industry. This can be especially important for companies that are trying to attract top talent or establish themselves as thought leaders in their field.


Overall, there are many compelling reasons for tech companies to open source their software. From increased adoption and access to a wider talent pool to improved security and enhanced collaboration, open sourcing software can provide numerous benefits for tech companies of all sizes.

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