January 21st, 2023

“Developers Hate Marketing”

Reasons why traditional marketing efforts may not perform as well when targeting developers

Developers are often seen as a difficult group to market to, as they are known for being highly analytical and skeptical of traditional marketing efforts.

While it's true that developers do not tend to respond well to traditional marketing tactics, it's not necessarily because they "hate marketing".

In this post, we'll explore some reasons why traditional marketing efforts may not perform as well when targeting developers.

1. Developers are skeptical of marketing claims

Developers are highly analytical and tend to question everything. They are skeptical of marketing claims and prefer to see concrete evidence of a product or service's effectiveness.

This means that traditional marketing methods, such as advertising, may not be as effective in reaching them.

2. Developers value technical details over marketing fluff

Developers want to know the technical details about a product or service before making a decision.

They are less interested in flashy marketing campaigns and more interested in the specifics of how a product or service will help them.

3. Developers trust their peers more than marketers

Developers tend to trust the opinions of their peers more than the opinions of marketers.

This means that word-of-mouth recommendations and reviews from other developers can be more effective in reaching them than traditional marketing efforts.

4. Developers are busy

Developers are focused on writing code, testing, and working on projects.

They don't have a lot of free time to devote to reviewing marketing materials, and they're likely to tune out marketing messages that don't provide them with value.

5. Developers are not always motivated by the same things as general consumer

Developers are more interested in solving technical problems than in buying the latest and greatest gadgets.

They tend to make purchasing decisions based on the needs of their current projects rather than based on the latest marketing trends.

6. Developers are online

Developers often spend a lot of time online, so online marketing methods can be more effective in reaching them than traditional methods.

Platforms such as GitHub, Stack Overflow, and other developer-specific communities are good places to start.


It's not that developers hate marketing. They simply value technical details and evidence over flashy advertising and have a preference for peer recommendations over advertisements.

To reach developers, focus on providing them with useful information and resources, leveraging their peers, and building relationships with them in online communities where they hangout.

Be sure to focus on the value you can provide to them and their projects.

Most tech companies are still learning how to leverage content to build awareness and adoption. Let us help you speed up the process.